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New Guild

Mar H, Jun 28, 12 9:27 AM.
Hey y'all. We're making a new guild because of the problems with Vegetto and his friends. The new guild is called "Knights Templar". I'm not sure if everyone will see this on the website, so I'll be sending in-game mail to people. This time we're going for quality more than quantity, because someone that used to be my friend showed her true colors (Seci). If you see this, then just send an application to the new guild. Hope to see y'all around =)

Thank you all for your support.

Champion.Of.Kirkwall, Jun 27, 12 12:17 PM.
I thank you all for your support but unfortunately i have to depart my Guildmaster title. It has been a week since i have tried to rally everyone to rush to 60 so that we can have real fun but i got no response from the members of the guild. No one would like to be held back and I myself want to move forward.I understood that Kyra is a father and has some medical issues at the moment.

Please help Vegetto in his new role since hes close to the rank of everyone else and he can be much on par with you all.

Once again I thank you all for your support and i wish you success in all your endeavours.

NEW GM - Kirk!

Chop.Suey, Jun 25, 12 9:24 PM.
Kirk has been named the new GM and hope everyone respects this command and gives him support.

Kyra I am told is out of commission a bit until his leg heals and let's all wish him the best and a safe and welcome return.  Come back soon Kyra!

I appreciate the requests for myself to be GM however I declined as well because I have real life issues to address around the corner.  Kirk is a good pick and will do a great job.  Please support Kirk in this venture. 

It was great to see SO MANY folks on over the weekend.  I think at peak time we saw 21 of us at once.  That's a great turnout on a server that seems to be on a decline for population.  Keep the recruiting up!  It will be awesome to see Immortal Darkenss folks running the Nexus and end game events!

Grats on new level 60s

Chop.Suey, Jun 20, 12 8:12 PM.
Grats to the new level 60s, Lancelot, Razmtzaz, Champion.Of.Kirkwall....great job guys!
Looking forward to everyone in the guild being level 60 for end game content.  Keep grinding!

-If I missed anyone else I apologize!


Kyra.Rylei, Jun 10, 12 3:28 PM.
We are officially in the second election. We arerunning in the southern shara area. Congrats everyone!!!!!!
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